Scientific abstract submission

General information:

Dear colleagues,

we want to give you the opportunity to share your scientific and educational work by submitting your abstract to the LIO 2023. This will enable you to share your work with other participants of the congress.

The abstracts will be presented as an oral presentation or poster presentation. Submitters may indicate their preferred presentation format. The final decision whether an abstract is accepted for oral presentation or as a poster is up to the Programme Committee.

You can submit a scientific abstract, a case report abstract, an educational abstract or a trial design presentation abstract. As a general rule, scientific abstracts will be given the advantage for the oral presentation. Multiple abstract submission per participant is allowed.

Abstract structure:

The upper word limit is 250 words per abstract. Abstracts should be structured accordingly to the type of the abstracts:

Scientific abstract: Reporting about research projects, studies or trials. Abstract should include the following categories: 1. Purpose, 2. Materials and methods, 3. Results, 4. Conclusion

Case report abstract: Reporting about the interest case. The presentation should include the clinical history, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of a patient. The abstract should include the following categories: 1. Clinical History and imaging 2. Treatment options/Results 3. Discussion 4. Take-home points. You should include up to 2 (two) most representative images.

Educational abstract: This category is aimed at preparing an educational poster about an interventional oncology procedure by means of literature review and pictorial essay of a particular finding or procedure. The abstract should include the following categories: 1. Learning objectives 2. Background 3. Procedure details 4. Conclusion

Trial design presentation abstract: This category is intended for the presentation of upcoming planned trials or trials in the early stage of the trial. Abstracts should focus on description of trial design, methods and operational aspects. No results are required. The abstract should include the following categories: 1. General study info 2. Background and rationale 3. Objectives 4. Methodology 5. Expected data

Abstract submission deadlines:

Abstract submission will be opened on April the 15th, 2023. The abstract submission deadline is June the 1st, 2023.

The abstract should be submitted via email at submissions@lio2023.com.

Each abstract should be sent as a separate MS Word (*.doc or *.docx) document.

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